As many people give fraternity life a bad rap, there are many positive aspects on the business and leadership side. A fraternity is a well-oiled machine with many different departments and positions, just like a business. The president is basically the CEO, VP is the VP and departments like accounting and public relations are also exemplified. People run for positions that they believe will enhance the house in many ways. Out of all the classes and experiences that I have experienced at Purdue, actively participating in a fraternity was the experience that I learned the most from.


I ran for several positions and lost but I too the initiative to become involved.   I ended up being elected as the Social Chairman, which meant I was responsible for setting up networking events with other sororities and fraternities, charity events, as well as motivating all of the members to attend these events. Of course getting people to go to the parties was pretty easy, but that was about half of my job. The other half was attending events and groups that were not very popular.   The hardest part of my position was getting as many people as possible to attend with little or no incentive.


While I was head of this position, I learned how to motivate people to do something they would not normally do. It showed me ways not to do them as well. Learning form experience is the best way that I learn. When I fail at a certain task, I will take a negative from a positive and apply that to the rest of my life in many different situations.

Here is a perfect example of what I was hinting at: